Why Vapor.com?

vapor.com offers customers a safe, secure, and informed vaporization purchasing experience. We’re passionate about our products, and would love to help you find which vaporizer is best for you. Every product in our extensive catalogue is thoroughly evaluated to ensure its quality, and each vapor.com transaction is handled with a personal touch. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, both before and after your purchase.

Temperature Flexibility

Four temperature options help curate your K-Vape Pro sessions: 350 °F (yellow), 375 °F (green), 400 °F (red), and 428 °F (blue). If you’re looking to savor the flavor of your material, the two lower options will give you every aspect of your material’s profile while remaining cool to your lips. 

Cloud chasers will feel more at home using the higher temperatures but might be surprised at how well the K-Vape Pro maintains the high temperatures without overheating the material.

How To Use The K-Vape Pro

Operating the K Vape Pro is fantastically simple. To start, remove the glass mouthpiece and load your ground dry herb; if you want thicker vapor a fine grind is recommended. After you’ve loaded your material replace the mouthpiece and click the power button 5 times to turn the unit on. Hold down the same button and you will begin to cycle through the temperature options, a bright LED KandyPens “K” will guide you.



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